Combine the two great activities that you love

Imagine yourself enjoying weekends doing the two things that you love to do -- Square Dancing and Camping. Whether you enjoy Square Dancing, Round Dancing or even Line Dancing, the NSDCA can bring it together with a weekend of camping, roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over an open fire, socializing with your friends or just relaxing any way you like. Can you imagine a weekend with more fun, relaxation and enjoyment than that? So we invite you check into the NSDCA and see how we could be a part of your recreational lifestyle. We'd love to have you join one of our many chapters across the country.

The NSDCA brings together people like yourselves who enjoy Square and Round Dancing, the outdoors, being with friends, and of course, travelling. If you have a home on wheels or even just a tent, the NSDCA is aready-made group of friends waiting to greet you and dance with you one weekend a month throughout the year. In addition to the monthly events, many states host major annual Camporees where all chapters come together for a fun-filled weekend. We also look forward to our annual International Camporee where all chapters from the United States and Canada meet for a three day event. No matter your camping style, you won)t find a friendlier group of dancers anywhere. We all love the two activities of Dancing and Camping.

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