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NSDCA History

The nucleus of the National Square Dancers and Campers had its beginning in the late 50's with the melding of two fortuitous events.
- Firstly, a group of callers and families of the the Wolf River Area Callers' Association (WRACA) began a series of weekend workshops for callers.
- Secondly, square dance clubs had been having week-end gatherings and dancing at nearby campgrounds.

Needless to say, word got around to some of these campers that a group of callers didn't mind having visitors come to their workshops. These combined meetings were so successful that in 1958, a combined camporee was held at Shawano Lake, WI; and then again in 1959 and 1960.

The minutes of the 1961 WRACA meeting approved a motion to organize a committee to study samples of badges. By the end of 1961, a badge designed by Jim and Mitzi Bero was approved. In 1964, the NSDCA was incorporated as a non-profit organization, and the badge design was registered in Wisconsin.

In March 1965 a group of 17 families in New Jersey met and the Garden State Square Dance Campers came into existence, applied for membership to NSDCA and were accepted. They became Chapter 001 of the NSDCA. Chapters formed so quickly that the charter members of NSDCA could do no better than become Pioneer Chapter 010, the tenth chapter to form.

It is commendable that the callers and dancers of the original nucleus had the foresight to see the enormous potential in organizing the NSDCA. There are now many chapters throughout the United States and Canada.